Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kane Valley photos

I had promised to post some pictures of the Kane Valley when it is not covered in snow.  I hadn’t thought it would take me quite this long to get to it but life seems to intervene with blogging sometimes.


This is the southern portion of Kane Lake.  That is Ernie and Shantz cooling off as this was taken in July on a warm sunny day.  There is a camping area on the south shore, favoured by those with horse trailers, and Harmon Lake, with it’s campground, is over there, behind those trees.

Larkspur #2

If you recall I mentioned in an earlier posting that there is a demonstration forest at Harmon lake, complete with walking trails….well this area is one of the spots those walking trails take you to.  These are wild Larkspur in flower.  I didn’t check the date, but probably in late May or June.

Test shots 001

I had also mentioned that a couple of years ago we had spent a weekend camping  (the old fashioned way) at Upper Second Lake – the spot we stopped at for lunch on the 21st of February.  Well here is Ernie trying to figure out how to set up the new tent….

Test shots 003

and here is what the lake looks like in early July…

Test shots 005

there is camp – April had already discovered the sleeping bags on the air mattress so she was parked for the duration.

Test shots 006

the lake was so inviting that we pumped up the kayak…

Test shots 017

and I headed out. 


there were a lot of birds in the area that day, including lots of Cedar Waxwing…


a whole family of Yellow Warblers (this is daddy)….and


and the family of Spotted Sandpipers I mentioned in my previous post.

Test shots 025

another one day trip was taken the middle of August in 2008 when we were in the middle of a heat wave….we stopped at this location (almost the same place as the picture in part one of Feb. 21, 2010) to take pictures of and report the forest fire in the distance.  The temperature was 39 degrees Celsius  – Thank Goodness for air conditioning!

Test shots 094

now here are some wild flower shots taken that same July trip when we ‘roughed it’…

Test shots 098

that pink stuff is ‘Sticky Geranium’ and these pictures were all taken in the vicinity of Kane Lake…

Test shots 103

a closer look at the colourful wildflower field…

Test shots 104

and a bit further along up on a hillside where everything was mauve….these are all later types of wildflowers…

and finally a look at the shallow lake area we stopped at on the 21st of Feb….

Test shots 366

this is what it looks like in the summer.

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