Thursday, September 23, 2010

Manning Park – June 27, 2010

When last we met, we were here, at Manning Park, spending the last night of our 6 week trip.  On June 27th, which happens to be my husbands birthday, we drove back to Manning, just for the day.  Something we do quite often.

Our first stop was at Rhododendron Flats….

Manning Park June 27'10 022

This small, road side attraction is at it’s best in late June when the native Rhododendrons are in flower.

Manning Park June 27'10 025

a short, circular path, takes you through this natural garden.

Manning Park June 27'10 019

here is a close up of this native plant known as Pacific Rhododendron.  This plant which is the state flower of Washington state, is only found in a few places in the Cascade Mountains and on Vancouver Island.  This spot in Manning being probably the most accessible.

Manning Park June 27'10 030

another look at the area….

and now, because I had difficulty posting this the first time, I’m going to try again….and continue this trip to Manning at a later date.

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