Friday, June 24, 2011

Easter 2011

In real time, although it is now the 4th official day of summer, it is another cool, wet day….so seems a good time to finish my catching up by reporting on our first trip of the season, which, as usual, was at Easter.

Traditionally, we like to head to Tunkwa Lake P.P. on this weekend even though it isn’t ‘officially’ open, but given the long colder and wetter than normal winter we suspected that the campground at Tunkwa was probably still snow bound.  So, we decided to head over the Hope Princeton Hwy. towards the Okanagan….as we went through Manning Park…3 feet of snow still covered the campgrounds there..

 April 26'11 001

So continued on, decided to check out the provincial park campground on Vaseux Lake and were very lucky to get the last unoccupied spot on the lake….

Campsite at Vaseux Lake

Not only that, but it was actually sunny and warm enough to sit outside!! What a treat!!!

White crowned Sparrow

Just spent the afternoon sitting in the sun and soaking up the vitamin D!  and of course taking pictures of any birds that wandered by….like this White Crowned Sparrow – one of several…

Male California Quail

or this male California Quail…

Black Cap Chickadee

the pair of Black-capped Chickadees that were busy inspecting nesting cavities…

Red-breasted Nuthatch after a bath

or one of a number of Red-breasted Nuthatch…this one all fluffed up and air drying after a bath…

Coots taking off

there was a large raft of American Coots out on the lake…

lazy way to get a drink

and this pair of Mallards which hung about just off shore – talk about the height of laziness as this female stretched her neck for a drink…they must have been enjoying the warmth as much as we were!

Evening on the lake

here is a peaceful evening scene of the lake, looking south.

looking south

Next morning we set off up the McIntyre Creek road, just opposite the campground…this is a view from part way up the hillside – another sunny warm day.

Female Mountain Bluebird

a female Mountain Bluebird was spotted…

Sagebrush Buttercup

there were a few of the very early wildflowers, like this Sagebrush Buttercup

Shooting Star

and these Shooting Stars….both of these pictures taken by Ernie.

Easter2011SLR 071 

heading back down towards the campground…

Big Horn Sheep beside the road

we were amazed to spot these Big Horn Sheep – this area is a preserve for Big Horn Sheep but we’ve never actually seen any here before…

on the side of the cliff

it was astounding how they moved up the cliff face…

On top

and onto the top….

Ernie looking at sheep

this small herd remained up on the hillside all afternoon…here Ernie is looking at them with the spotting scope…

Digital Zoom at the top

using a tripod for support I zoomed in from the same location using both the digital as well as the optical zoom on my Canon Power shot camera to get this shot….

Okanagan River at the campground

The next day, being Easter Sunday, we moved on to the campground at Okanagan Falls Provincial Park as we were invited for Easter dinner at nearby relatives….this is the Okanagan River as it runs behind the campground. 

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  1. Wow, I haven't gone camping at Vaseux Lake in YEARS! Awesome photos! :) Really enjoyed them! If you've been there during the summer storms, the skies are absolutely marvelous! Wishing my camera didn't get wrecked, otherwise I'd have a ton of photos similar to yours. :) Thanks for the walk down memory lane! :)