Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vancouver Island – August ‘09 – Part Five

Just because I’ve started working on ‘Eagle Country’ I can’t forget about the trip to Vancouver Island in August as we still have a ways to go with that one….and when I’m finished it, well there are a couple of trips we took to southern Alberta that I have masses of pictures of….so will have no shortage of material for the next few months!

Picking up where I left off, I returned to the beach around supper time, on my own……

Van. Isle. part 2 334

and as I started walking….I wondered where all the shorebirds had gone!

Van. Isle. part 2 346

I had been wandering along the edge of the water and there was not a bird to be seen….then something caught my eye up on the beach….and sure enough….there they were…all sheltering in the lee of any clumps of vegetation they could find.  I’m not sure why….it wasn’t exceptionally windy or anything like that….

Van. Isle. part 2 341

Here are a couple of Western Sandpipers along with a pair of Semi-palmated Sandpiper…

Van. Isle. part 2 349

and another bunch of Westerns…

Van. Isle. part 2 350

Guess I got a bit too close!

Van. Isle. part 2 358

wasn’t me this time!  They were very restless with groups flying back and forth….settling down and then rushing off again….

Van. Isle. part 2 365

after there not being any shorebirds in sight by the water – suddenly they were everywhere.

Van. Isle. part 2 377

and then little ‘puddles’ of them would appear scattered over the sand.

Van. Isle. part 2 389

more patches of shorebirds

Van. Isle. part 2 390

and then I spotted it again……that juvenile Ruff…

Van. Isle. part 2 403

it was poking about in the piles of flotsam……

Van. Isle. part 2 408

I’m assuming it was the same one….surely there weren’t two of these rare birds there!  See all those little black spots?  they are bugs….I think that is what the shorebirds were busy feeding on….

Van. Isle. part 2 410

this is probably the best shot I got of it….

Van. Isle. part 2 412

This one gives a good size comparison with those Western Sandpipers.

Van. Isle. part 2 418

by now I was figuring I’d probably used up my allotted time and my husband would be wondering where I was, so I headed back towards the campground.

Van. Isle. part 2 419

still time to take a few scenic shots of the beach though….

Van. Isle. part 2 424

and another cute little grouping of Sandpipers, Plovers and beach vegetation.

Van. Isle. part 2 426

and just one more…after all this is something I’d never seen before in my life….so probably never will again!

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