Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vancouver Island – August ‘09 – Part Six

Boy it is taking forever to get this trip over with!  I’ll make a concerted effort to get us off of the west coast of the island today.

We packed up and got ready to leave, but as check out time was 11:00 am, took one last walk down to the beach…

Van. Isle. part 2 434

headed to the rocks at the base of the campground again….the tide was out…

Van. Isle. part 2 436

and there was the Black Oystercatcher again….

Van. Isle. part 2 440

Since I don’t get to see Oystercatchers where I live, indulged in a few photos…

Van. Isle. part 2 445

and there was ‘baby’…..

Van. Isle. part 2 464

pretty soon the whole family was strutting off across the sand….

Van. Isle. part 2 468

just a view of the expanse of sandy beach…..

Van. Isle. part 2 469

and another view as we headed back to the campground.

Van. Isle. part 2 470

had to toss in this picture of little shorebird feet around the base of this bull kelp….

Van. Isle. part 2 475

a last look at some of those Semi-palmated Plovers.

Van. Isle. part 2 478

We’d packed up and hit the road but decided to swing down and take a look at Wickaninish Beach.  This beach is still within Pacific Rim National Park, but at the southern end of the park.

Van. Isle. part 2 485

the only birdlife to be seen were these gulls – California Gull’s I think, but won’t swear to that.  There were a lot of surfers at this beach so perhaps that explains the lack of shorebirds….

Van. Isle. part 2 488

This gull is obviously different from the others, I think possibly a Western Gull…again, stand to be corrected.

Van. Isle. part 2 491

One of the interesting features of this beach are the adjacent sand dunes….this view looks northwards and…

Van. Isle. part 2 492

this view is looking southwards. 

Van. Isle. part 2 493

there was some interesting vegetation growing in the dune area…..these are the seed heads of a plant called ‘Beach Carrot’..

Van. Isle. part 2 499

here is what the plant looks like from a distance…

Van. Isle. part 2 496

Here is another interesting looking plant….this one is called Sand Verbena….

Van. Isle. part 2 494

Here is a close up of the Sand verbena flowers…those brown things are seed heads from that Beach Carrot.

Van. Isle. part 2 501

just another view of the beach….

Van. Isle. part 2 503

This is the same plant that the little shorebirds had been hiding behind back on Long Beach….

Van. Isle. part 2 502

the ones on Long Beach had finished flowering….apparently this sort of succulent plant is called American Sea Rocket.

Van. Isle. part 2 504

and my final photo of the west coast features some Indian Paint brush. 

We then started the trek back to the east coast of the island, stopping at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park for the night where I took no pictures……next stop will be Miracle Beach……

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