Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some Deer Photos

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time lately making a concerted effort to edit and ‘tag’ as many pictures in my computer as I can.  I worked on ‘Wildflowers’ first and I’m now working on ‘Wildlife’.  Going back and looking through pretty much 7 years of digital photographs brings back a lot of memories, so I thought why not post a few….


The above is a White Tail Deer.  We had been staying at the Kettle River Provincial Park and went for a drive northwards…there were 4 White Tail in a field and a couple of them paused long enough for some photos.

Deer #3

This Mule Deer doe was at Kentucky Allyene Provincial Park.  We were canoeing at the far end of Allyene Lake and she must have had a fawn in the bush because she actually was coming out in the water at us….kind of scary at the time.


another canoeing trip, this time close to home on the Harrison River….this was one of 3 Mule Deer on the shoreline just by Sandpiper Golf Course.


one of our many trips up to Manning, we found this group on the road leading up to the ski hill…perhaps getting salt?  There is still snow at the side of the road.


This was taken in my brother and sister in laws yard in Okanagan Falls where the deer are a real nuisance if you are trying to have a garden!

Test shots 069

Deer are always seen in Kettle River Provincial Park campground….especially in the spring…

Test shots 070

this one was calmly watching me ….

Test shots 164

another visit and this pair peeked around this tree which was right beside our campsite….deciding if it was safe to walk past – probably checking to make sure our dog was tied up before proceeding…

Test shots 123

another campground you can always count on seeing Deer at is the one at Writing on Stone in Alberta…this doe had 3 youngsters…

Test shots 100

This young buck was in the same place…

Test shots 144

we’re back in the Okanagan now, this was taken Christmas 2008…

Test shots 290

and one last one, this guy was at Elk Island National Park in Alberta.


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