Monday, February 8, 2010

Sasquatch Provincial Park

Yesterday we went into Agassiz to watch the Olympic Torch run.  The weather wasn’t as spectacular as it had been, and is again today (more like April than early February), but it wasn’t too awful either, just sort of gray and overcast.  I won’t post pictures of the run on here but for anyone who knows me personally, I’ve posted them on my Face book page.

After the event was over we decided to find somewhere to take the dogs for a walk as they’d been cooped up in the car for a couple of hours.  Our first destination was to the dyke that runs along the Fraser River, at the foot of Mount Woodside….


you can see it is a pretty uninspiring day…


I’m posting this picture, just to demonstrate how mild it has been in this part of the country, since the beginning of the year.  Those are the tracks of a Black Bear.  It is the 7th of February….we shouldn’t be seeing bear tracks this time of the year!


There is a look through the trees….those bear tracks were just below this spot.


standing at the river’s edge for this shot.  At this point, we decided to take a drive to Sasquatch Provincial Park.  This park is the closest provincial park to where we live, and yet we have never stayed there and only visited it once before.  I had checked out the website and saw that the park was open for camping year round and thought it might be an idea to check it out, so we headed back towards Harrison Hot Springs and followed the direction to the park itself.


The park is actually divided up into several areas….this is the most distant area, Hick’s Lake.  There is a campground here but a sign said it was closed for the winter, so once again, we never got to check out the actual campsites.  This spot is near the parking lot and boat launch….


a walk a bit further along, and you reach this large grassy picnic area…


just past the picnic area and over a little foot bridge brought this view.  There was an American Dipper in the little creek that ran off from this point, but it vanished underwater, so no picture.


a path from the footbridge sort of looped back and crossed the road to a trail that circles this Beaver Pond.  We only walked part way…it was very quiet bird wise and I wasn’t really wearing proper foot wear so we went back to the car…


and drove to the lower campground located on this, Deer Lake.  This campground was open, in fact there was someone camped there….we have put doing so, too, on our list of things to do….only if we can come very early in the season and mid-week as the problem with this area is it’s proximity to the large population of metro Vancouver, in other words, it is probably a pretty popular place and we don’t like popular places….


and just to prove (again) that it is really spring-like here this year….I spotted this American Robin!  I haven’t seen any at home yet but I’ve been expecting them to show up almost any day.


Unfortunately we also witnessed Search and Rescue and the R.C.M.P. doing their job.  Apparently the day before a boat had flipped and one of the occupants hadn’t made it.

From here, we drove down to the last section of the park, the day use area, which is located right on Harrison Lake…the weather and light had really deteriorated by now but I snapped these anyway…


this is taken from the boat launch, looking south towards Harrison Hot Springs…


and this is looking sort of northwards…  We will have to return on a nicer day and perhaps spend some time exploring this ‘very close to home’ park.

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