Friday, January 29, 2010

More photos of Kentucky Allyene P.P.

Yesterday’s photos concentrated more on Kentucky Lake, today we’ll concentrate on Allyene Lake.


This, and a few of the following pictures were taken on September 29, 2006 from where we were camped at Allyene Lake….(see the difference a DSLR camera makes!)


It is possible to walk right around this lake although it gets a bit tricky down at the far end…the walk along the west side of the lake is actually a road, so very easy walking…


The campsites in this area are accessible year round although….

Test shots 027

you have to keep in mind what sort of winter it has been and that this is at a fairly high elevation.  These pictures show the campground on March 22 of last year….a year when the whole province had a ‘real’ winter with lots of snow and sub zero temperatures.

Test shots 026

More of the campground in March of last year, the campsites in this area are in various levels, some out in the open and some tucked away in private spots.

Test shots 025

That is what the road looked like that day….just a tad icy!

Test shots 135

April 17, 2006….shows a couple of the campsites on the lower level, plus the boat launch area….note the lake was still frozen…

Balsam Root #3

May 24th, 2004 The Balsam Root were in flower on the hillside on the east side of Allyene Lake.  You will find a lot of wildflowers in this area in May, especially at the far end of the lake where the group campground now sits, and above the eastern shore where the habitat is open grassland.

Kentucky Lake  '03 #3

Sunset at Kentucky Lake, September 5, 2003.

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