Wednesday, January 6, 2010

N. W. T. Trip 2005 – Northern Alberta

We now left the North West Territories and headed south on the Mackenzie Highway in northern Alberta


The country side was very flat, agricultural land and we were very impressed with how attractive and well looked after the various farms were.


this sign was located in one of the ‘pull outs’ and explained about the origion of the highway.

We stopped that day at Twin Lakes Campground (I wonder how many ‘Twin Lakes’ there are….remember we stayed at ‘Twin Lakes’ in the Yukon during our June 2009 trip)


This was one of the ‘Twin’ Lakes….I’m not sure where the other one was.  We attempted to walk the trail that was supposed to be there, but this campground was not of the high standard we have since learned that most Alberta Campgrounds are….the supposed trail was virtually impassable…


Ernie was impressed with the ambition of the Beaver that was working on felling this large Poplar Tree!


and I was enchanted with these white Arum…at least I assume they are an Arum….they look like they could be related to our Skunk Cabbage…but there was no smell.

Next day we were back on the road, once more, heading south…


Pulled into a beautiful park, called ‘Peace Park’….there was a large ‘cultivated’ picnic area, playground etc., but also a campsite that appeared to be very ‘birdie’ – would have like to spent the night but Dave was having brake problems so we needed to continue on to the first big city….Grande Prairie, where we headed to Saskatoon Island Provincial Park.  Those of you who follow this blog will remember that we ended up at that park at the end of our Yukon trip last year and I commented on what a wonderful park it is….  2005 was our first visit and it took us that long to get back to it….we still haven’t made it back to the above ‘Peace Park.’


Here is a view of the lake….


There was actually a Trumpeter Swan family there that time, they hugged the far shore but we did get to see the young cygnets….in fact the only time to date that I have seen really young ones.


This was the first time we’d ever seen these Clay coloured Sparrows….which we now know are found all over the province!


my first Baltimore Oriole as well….


not to mention this Great Horned Owl… fact when we were sitting out that evening enjoying a bug free campfire….this, or another flew over and perched in a tree right beside our campsite…


look closely and you’ll see a Robin to the left, there were in fact a pair of Robins kicking up a fuss so I suspect there was a nest nearby.  I don’t know if Owl’s rob nests….but the Robins sure weren’t happy!


We had hit it right for the blooming of these gorgeous Prairie Lilies…


here is another look at this spectacular wildflower..


and these pink daisy…a type of Erigon I think.


and these white Canada Violets were growing everywhere in shady areas.


we must not forget the Chipmunks…busy munching away on the dandelion seeds, just like they were this past June when we were there.


before we leave, must show this other ‘lifer’ a Yellow bellied Sapsucker – again,the first I’d seen….


and this baby Bunny that had somehow fallen into the rather deep fire pit and couldn’t get out.  Ernie rescued him, but not until he’d come and got me to take a picture….I don’t know if it was a Snowshoe Hare as we’d seen a lot of them there….or if it might have been a Cottontail….it sure was cute! and not terribly happy to be rescued…we just hoped that it would be able to find the rest of it’s family….


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