Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trip to Southern Alberta 2008 – to Chain Lakes

After our brush with winter (in August), the next day, which was August 27th, dawned nice and sunny so we decided to drive back along the main highway, so we could stop at all the spots we had passed on our way in, such as Kananaski’s center.

I know I took pictures….but where they are I do not know….so these ones will have to suffice…

Test shots 019

This was somewhere along the highway….there was a rest stop in the area, I do remember that.

Test shots 020

I think this might have been the view the rest stop was there for….the whole drive is absolutely spectacular but the town center was not dog friendly and since the sun was shining we couldn’t leave them in the vehicle for long, so didn’t really explore that area at all.


This was another spot where there was a trail that lead to Grizzly Creek….


and this is the creek itself, not all that remarkable, but a nice walk into it.  I think you could hike further if you wished, but by this time it was getting late in the day and we were thinking supper.   I do remember there were a number of Ruffed Grouse in the parking area when we returned to the truck….


The next morning, we once more woke to this…


that isn’t a black and white picture folks! it just looks that way….which is why we decided it was time to move on, so hooked up the trailer, said our goodbyes to our friends who were busy getting their campsite ready to close and proceeded south and then east on highway 40 which took us higher and higher, above tree line…very spectacular scenery but I think I was too worried about the ability of our truck to be towing in this high elevation, than I was about taking pictures.  Then suddenly we were dropping down into the foothills.  Highway 40 became #541 and then joined highway 22 at Longview.  We were now back into pretty flat country and proceeded the short distance to Chain Lakes Provincial Park.


this is a lovely park, nestled in ‘cattle country’.  When we were there part of the campsite was closed as they were upgrading the sites to have power – this is one of the things we love about Alberta parks, the fact that you have your choice of powered or non-powered sites.  We elected for non-powered this time as we only planned to spend the night.  The Labour Day long weekend was fast approaching and we watched a steady stream of vehicles come in a ‘save’ sites – something you can’t do in B.C. (well you can reserve them – for a fee)


a walk revealed this lake which I assume was one of a ‘chain’.  There was a large picnic area, playground and even a concession in this location.


Here is another look at part of the large campground.


This was a very ‘birdie’ area!  We made a mental note to try to return here early one spring – I imagine sometime in May would be ideal!  As it was, we watched the numerous White Crowned Sparrows…


that were lining up to take turn bathing where water was dripping from a tap….

Test shots 102

there were large numbers of juveniles, like this fellow, attesting to a successful breeding season, although given the time of year, they could have all been migrating through as well.

I also recall there being quite a few Warblers, Black billed Magpies, a Downy Woodpecker


and this young Yellow shafted Northern Flicker…the list went on and on….

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