Thursday, January 7, 2010

N. W. T. Trip 2005 – Jasper Nat. Park

With the necessary repairs done to Dave’s truck, we carried on, heading south from Grande Prairie to Hinton, and then into Jasper National Park…the same route we took this past summer….but this time we didn’t stop enroute – if I recall correctly, it was pouring that day so we drove straight through with just a stop part way, at I think, Grande Cache….when our truck had got a bit hot towing the trailer up the steep hill to the town…and then didn’t want to start…



You know you are in Jasper when you start seeing Wapiti or Elk…this was a particularly fine looking specimen.


and here we are at the Snaring River Campground….you’ve seen this view before as we stopped here on our way back last year as well…..


That is Ernie and the dogs down by the river, that looks about as high as it was this past year…maybe not quite so much….


We’d caught the wildflowers pretty much at their peak…


The blue Harebells….(told you it had been raining!)


the Black Eyed Susan…


this daisy type that I haven’t been able to identify..


along with this that I know I should know….


I think it is something like ‘Grass of Parthenis’ but the wildflower books I need are sitting in the camper…optimistically waiting for spring….


Here is one more ‘mixed bouquet’ before we leave Jasper and make the long trek to our last stop before home……

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