Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spring Trip 2010 – Day 21 – Crane Lake

May 12th we packed up and headed into the town of Lac la Biche….with one mission in mind – find water!  Ernie went to the visitor’s center, which was actually open….and they told him there was a gas station where you could purchase water – so headed there and for a nominal fee, were able to fill up the water tank again.

I’m really not sure why we drove such a short distance that day.  We followed #55 which heads south for a bit before turning east, heading to Cold Lake.  We knew that the provincial campground at Cold Lake didn’t open until the long weekend, but there were a few recreation sites in the area, so checked them out. 

First visited Crane Lake West which was a nice enough little campground, right on the lake, but surrounded by lodges, and private RV parks….if you like that kind of thing it would be nice – but we don’t – so we headed to Crane Lake East, past a subdivision of I guess mixed permanent homes and summer homes, where we found a nice recreational campground, again, right on the lake – we’d only been on the road a couple of hours if that…but decided to stay.


Spring Trip 2010 1123

Here is a view of Crane Lake, looking eastwards from the boat launch which was in the campground.  This lake is in typical ‘boreal forest’ type habitat…

Spring Trip 2010 1124

from the same spot, but looking westward…

Spring Trip 2010 1007

We had picked this spot right by the lake and the boat launch – this would NOT be a nice place to be when the place was busy…but since we were the only ones there, it was fine…

Spring Trip 2010 1026

Most of the campground was up in this treed area….

There weren’t a lot of birds around…

Spring Trip 2010 1010

this female Hairy Woodpecker was seen quite often….obviously thinking about nesting…

The weather was warm and sunny….warm enough for shorts….after lunch we set off for a bit of a walk…

Spring Trip 2010 1023

and were amazed to spot these – Prairie Crocus!  It was about the last place I would have expected to find them!

Spring Trip 2010 1125

There weren’t many and they were well scattered…

Spring Trip 2010 1014

But there they were ~ and in reality it is amazing that there were any to see….because this was obviously ‘ATV’ country and I was so disgusted by the devastation to the habitat …

Spring Trip 2010 1053 

ATV habitat damage….

Spring Trip 2010 1077

and more – why governments don’t ban these destructive machines for recreational use is beyond me!

Spring Trip 2010 1081

even right along the lake shore…. all this despite the sign….

Spring Trip 2010 1261

Unfortunately, it seems that the people that delight in this form of recreation have no more respect for rules and regulations than they do for the environment!  Sorry!  but these things are a pet peeve of mine…it just makes my blood boil!!!

Spring Trip 2010 1078

here is another view of the lake from along the ATV track…

Spring Trip 2010 1258

Ernie actually took this picture….it shows the typical ground cover (where it still exists undisturbed)…lichen, moss and Cranberries

DSLR Spring Trip 273

Back at the campground…

DSLR Spring Trip 274

This was one of several Ring-bill Gull who paid a visit….

Spring Trip 2010 1022

We’d seen a few Red Squirrels like this guy….

Spring Trip 2010 1027

and of course the usual Robins…

Spring Trip 2010 1030

and Yellow-rump Warblers…

Spring Trip 2010 1031

as we were eating supper an amphibious ATV pulled up to the boat launch, from the lake, and proceeded through the campground – remember the NO ATV sign? 

at least the day closed with a nice sunset…

Spring Trip 2010 1128

and another look

Spring Trip 2010 1262

this one with Ernie’s camera…  so ended one of my least favorite days of the trip.

Bird List: Belted Kingfisher – 2; Common Loon – 3; Common Merganser – 4; Crow – 1; Mallard – 2; Yellow Rump Warbler – 5; Junco – 2; Hairy Woodpecker – 1; Black Cap Chickadee – 1; Ring-bill Gull – 6; Swainson’s Thrush – 2; Red Breasted Nuthatch – 1; Robin – 1; Magpie – 1.

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