Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spring Trip 2010 – Day 27 – Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park – Part 2

Our next destination this day was the Conglomerate Cliffs….

Spring Trip 2010 1371

The road to the cliffs went off to the right, just after the information sign….it wasn’t much of road and I was beginning to wonder as it seemed to go on for quite a while….

Spring Trip 2010 1381

But it did eventually lead us to this point….

DSLR Spring Trip 406

Here is the sign we found there…..

DSLR Spring Trip 404

and here is the view…note the snow still down in there in some areas….

DSLR Spring Trip 405

This view shows a bit more of the cliffs themselves….I think we are looking northward or possibly north west here…

DSLR Spring Trip 410 

looking more eastward now….

DSLR Spring Trip 412

eastward again..

DSLR Spring Trip 423

a ground level shot….we’ll get to the wildflowers in a minute….

Spring Trip 2010 1458

Ernie and Shantz taking in the view….

Spring Trip 2010 1587

Ernie took this close up of the conglomerate rock that forms these cliffs….it doesn’t look all that stable to me!

Spring Trip 2010 1470

It wasn’t just the view that made this place so interesting….it was the array of wildflowers as well, especially on the east facing hillsides where I guess the sun warmed things up the quickest….

Spring Trip 2010 1471

this hillside was actually quite steep and covered in pine needles as well as dried grass so we were risky life and limb in getting these wildflower close ups…

DSLR Spring Trip 414 

This is apparently ‘Blackish Locoweed’….

DSLR Spring Trip 415

and these are Cut-leaf Daisies….we saw these in the Yukon and they grow in hot dry areas in B.C. as well….the white petals are very short lived so you usually just see the yellow ‘buttons’

DSLR Spring Trip 416

Here is some of that Musineon which we first saw back at Chin Lake in Alberta…

DSLR Spring Trip 417

This is Smooth Blue Beardtongue….just in bud….we’ll see it in flower later on in this trip….

DSLR Spring Trip 418

Here is some Field Chickweed along with the Beardtongue…

DSLR Spring Trip 419

Some more of that Owl Clover, seen back at Chin Lake and Dinosaur Provincial park….

DSLR Spring Trip 429

and yup!  Prairie Crocus!

Spring Trip 2010 1461

Here is some Early Cinquefoil…..there was lots of ‘yellow’ with the Cinquefoil, Musineom and Dandelions…

Spring Trip 2010 1454

Early Locoweed as well…

Spring Trip 2010 1467

there is another Beardtongue on the hillside…this might give a bit of an idea of the angle of the hill…

Spring Trip 2010 1362

and there is a cluster of Prairie Crocus….there were lots of these clusters spread throughout the entire grassy plateau….

Spring Trip 2010 1589

I have to throw this picture that Ernie took in as well….his camera (Panasonic) actually seems to take better wildflower pictures than any of them!

Spring Trip 2010 1484

There weren’t a lot of birds in the area of the cliffs….but I did spot this Townsend’s Solitaire…

DSLR Spring Trip 434

there were also Chipping Sparrows (picture) and Savannah Sparrows (not pictured) and Junco (also not pictured)

DSLR Spring Trip 436

and robins….where aren’t there robins????  So after a break for lunch….we’ll continue on with this days explorations.

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