Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tunkwa Lake PP – July 3rd

In real time it is the 27th of October and it is an absolutely beautiful day.  I’ve walked and walked because it just seems too nice to be inside….but I guess I’m pretty much ‘walked out’ so will finish up our Canada Day long weekend to Tunkwa Lake.

Tunkwa July'10 069

I feel that I have to reiterate – this was a long weekend!  Yet look at how quiet the campground is!  Not that I’m complaining – that is just the way we like it!!  What had surprised us was how many people left on the Saturday of the long weekend…instead of getting busier like one would expect, it actually got quieter.

Tunkwa July'10 070

This would be our last full day here as well…not by choice…but ‘work’ beckoned…  This last day was spent just wandering around and getting bird shots….so if birds aren’t your thing, you probably won’t be too interested in the rest of this posting.

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 107

Here is one of the families of Barrow’s Goldeneye

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 113

an American Coot…

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 128

a Marsh Wren, heading home with a mouthful of dinner for some hungry fledglings…

Tunkwa July'10 074

fluffed up Killdeer….probably had just finished a dust bath..

Tunkwa July'10 076

a female Yellow Headed Blackbird…

Tunkwa July'10 079

another busy parent….this one a Savannah Sparrow

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 137

More Goldeneye ducklings….can’t help it, I love those little guys!

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 144

Can’t forget the Yellow bellied Marmots!

Tunkwa July'10 083

 we’ll throw in a bit of scenery….this being the small bay at the north end of the lake…

Tunkwa July'10 084

and the spillway that leads from it down to Leighton Lake.

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 146

back in the campground a hungry fledgling Brewer’s Blackbird being fed by mom…

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 158 

back to that spillway where it falls into Leighton Lake, this male Barrow’s Goldeneye was lingering…he is just starting to molt out of his breeding plumage…

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 154

Golden eye's are diving ducks….first you see him….then you don’t!

Tunkwa July'10 105

and speaking of seeing….notice the Osprey perched up in the dead pine tree over the spillway…

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 159

Here is a better look…

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 164

and another.

Tunkwa July'10 SLR 177

let us not forget the Mallard ducklings…not quite the same level of ‘cute’ ~ but close.

Tunkwa July'10 095

So let’s take a final look at ‘green’ Tunkwa…..

Tunkwa July'10 117

and then late evening …..we will be back here a couple more times before the year is over.

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