Friday, January 14, 2011

Mahood Lake – Sept.1, 2010 continued…

I thought there was something wrong….I knew I’d taken more pictures…they were lurking in the September 2nd folder….

Late Sum. trip 2010 061

so in random order…here are a few more….this is the road in the campground and if you look closely, there is a rainbow over the lake…an evening shower created that…

Late Sum. trip 2010 052

Townsend’s Warbler were another species seen there and since they are one of the harder birds to get pictures of…I’m rather pleased with this one…

Late Sum. trip 2010 053

and this one.

Late Sum. trip 2010 049

a lot of robins there as well…kind of scruffy looking!

Late Sum. trip 2010 067

and another Warbling Vireo…

Late Sum. trip 2010 074

and I’m putting this in because I am always very pleased when I come upon a park that recognizes that dogs have a right to be there too.  I have no problem in segregating them from picnic and play areas, but places that ban them outright get my ire up! 

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