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Mahood Lake – Well’s Gray P.P. – Sept. 1, 2010

In real time it is almost the middle of January and we are in the middle of a stretch of very wet, depressing weather…time to go back…

SLR 109

September 1st found at  North Thompson P.P. just outside of Clearwater, B.C.  Went for a morning walk along the riverside trail…

SLR 107

had hoped to get a few good bird pictures, but failed miserably on all accounts!  I did throw this one in of a male American Redstart – just because Redstarts have been a rather elusive bird for me – remember we did see some at Writing on Stone in Alberta, back in the spring.

So, once again on the road, down highway #24 to Little Fort and then turning west up the very long, steep climb to the Cariboo Plateau.

SLR 110

Here is a picture taken from the rest area when you finally reach the top and it levels out.  Our destination for the day was the campground at Mahood Lake.  Mahood Lake is situated on the western side of Well’s Gray P.P. but you can’t access it, at least by vehicle, from the main body of the park…we took the turn off at Bridge Lake – after having done this route I would NOT recommend it for anyone towing anything very large or with any sort of very large motor home….65 km of rather rough, narrow, gravel and in some areas ‘dirt’ road….

Late Sum. trip 2010 046

this is a sample of the road…one of the better sections!

Late Sum. trip 2010 045

We stopped here at Drewey Lake recreation site for lunch….

Late Sum. trip 2010 047

there was a good size lake here…no doubt good fishing….

SLR 116

Finally, about 2 pm we reached our destination – this lovely little campground was virtually deserted!

SLR 118

picked a spot out in the open – after a couple of days of dark and rain, the sunshine was welcome!

SLR 126

There were plenty of birds to keep me amused.  Cedar Waxwings were very busy eating these Hawthorne berries…

SLR 128

Young ones as well…

SLR 140

Spent a lot of time trying to capture these ‘berry in beak’ pictures…

SLR 142

So you get another as well…

SLR 134

Waxwings weren’t the only birds…here a Ruby Crowned Kinglet…

SLR 143

Yellow rump Warbler….

SLR 149

Clay-coloured Sparrow….

SLR 154

Warbling Vireo….just to mention a few…

SLR 157 

and will end with a shot of one of the prettiest spots I have ever seen!

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