Friday, July 20, 2012

July 2012 Trip – Tunkwa Lake P.P. – Part one

For the July 1st, Canada Day long weekend, we did as we had done for the May long weekend, taking an extra 5 days off to extend the mini vacation.  This time we started at Tunkwa.

lush, green and windy

The month of June had been as wet and cool here as elsewhere in the province, resulting in a very green, lush landscape with high water levels for the lake.

The first campsite

With our favorite site taken, we settled for this one, the same spot we had stayed in last Thanksgiving…

Husky television

Shantz was very happy to have ‘husky television’ as not only were there various water fowl, but also many…

Marmot in the grass

Yellow-bellied Marmots, running here, there and everywhere!

Pair of Lesser Scaup

I was happy to be able to sit at the water’s edge were there were Lesser Scaup – the males already out of breeding plumage, but still paired up and no ducklings to be seen…

Pair of Red-neck Grebes

was also kind of confused by this pair of Red-necked Grebe that were constantly together, seemed to be loosing their breeding plumage but with no young.

Mallard family

these Mallard ducklings were well on their way to maturity…

Coot with young

and there were lots of young American Coot.  In fact youngsters and very busy parents feeding them, was definitely the theme and we’ll continue on in part two.

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