Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spring Trip 2012 – Tunkwa Lake P.P. – Part 5

OK, I’m going to try to finish up our spring time visit to Tunkwa, today in preparation for heading out there again tomorrow…I’ll probably just show some random pictures in no special order…

White-crowned Sparrow in the grass

to show some more of the species frequenting the habitat beside our campsite – White-crowned Sparrow…

Song Sparrow after a bath

Song Sparrow – this one heading for a bath – there seems to be a small spring in this area – another bird attractant

Orange Crowned Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler….Rufous in the bushes

Rufous Hummingbird – this one a male of course – hiding in the bushes…

Brown-headed Cowbird approaching Kinglet nest

and remember I said I’d have a bit more about Ruby-crowned Kinglets – well that is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet nest on the underside of the branch, and to the left is a female Brown Headed Cowbird sneaking over, and yes, into the little kinglet nest.

Double trouble?

There were also Chipmunks – busy eating the dried up rose hips – left from last fall….

Leighton Lake

on the Saturday (May 26th) we did the 4 km loop walk around Leighton Lake – this is the far end of Leighton where the campgrounds are.

Shantz' brother 'Relic' and 'Pride' at Leighton

Camped at Leighton were some relatives – or at least relatives of Shantz – it is pretty obvious which was is Shantz’ brother (although from a separate litter), his name is ‘Relic’ and the little gray female’s name is Pride and we humans are now all Face book friends….Relic and Pride spend about as much time at Leighton as we do at Tunkwa…

Eagle on tree top

later in the afternoon, back at the campsite, look at the very top of the tallest tree….

Bald Eagle over head

that young Bald Eagle spent quite a while up there….

clear skies and calm water

just an evening shot from the end of Tunkwa Lake..

What's back here?

and an Osprey in the late afternoon sunshine…

Evening sunshine

and one more of the spillway, with the sun now really low in the sky….  the next day, we would have to head for home.

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