Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spring Trip 2012 – Kentucky Allyene P. P. – Part 2

One of the nicest features about the campground on Kentucky Lake is the 4 km trail that circles the entire lake.

The trail along the lake

this lake is surrounded by quite thick forest, un like Allyene that is in more open range land.

Ernie walking along the trail

The trail can be quite high in some spots, but dips down to lake shore in others….I didn’t do the entire walk this visit, but Ernie and Shantz did…

Calypso Orchids

We did walk about half of it together, and found a number of wildflowers in bloom including these Calypso Orchids

Heart Leaf Arnica

the very earliest of the Heart-leaf Arnica…

Hooker's Fairybells closeup

Hooker’s Fairybells….

Star-flowered Solomon Seal

and Star-flowered Solomon’s Seal.Red-breasted Nuthatch

at one spot on the trail there were a number of Red-breasted Nuthatch….all busy working on nesting sites…

Red-breasted Nuthatch

there was another one of them.  In the same location there were lots of Yellow-rump Warblers, Chipping Sparrows and Dark Eyed Junco.

Yellow Warbler

back at the campsite….one of the Yellow Warblers…

Spotted Sandpiper

and almost continually seen on the shore just down from the campsite, were these Spotted Sandpipers…

Pair of spotted Sanpiper

they were running around everywhere!  Pileated Woodpeckers could be heard, and we caught glimpses of them but never did manage a picture.  Just spent the one whole day here before heading to our ‘home away from home’ – Tunkwa Lake, but I shouldn’t go without showing the carpet of Calypso Orchids that was growing right in the campground…

a sea of Calypso Orchids

Unfortunately when I went to take this picture, they were in dense shade….but you get the idea – these were just a little way away from the bridge with the welcoming committee in part 1.

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