Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring Trip 2012 – Manning Park part 2

We spent 3 days at Manning Park, the weather cooperated, a little on the cool side, but pleasant enough to sit outside during the day as long as you were dressed for it.

April is there too

Here is the whole family enjoying the great outdoors – including the 16 year old Shih Tzu!

Raven buddy

it wasn’t long though, until we had company….

Pair of Raven

This pair of Common Raven moved in and appeared to adopt us as their own!!!

Coming in?

even attempting to come right inside…

Shantz' dinner companions

and trying to share our dogs dinner – as you can tell she is used to birds!

Gray Jay

Not to be out done…the Gray Jay’s joined us too…

Me and my buddy again

Shy they aren’t!!!

Gold-crowned Kinglet with nesting material

a Gold-crowned Kinglet even joined in the fun…running around right at my feet gathering up our dogs fur as fast as she was loosing it!  I was so shocked didn’t have time to focus the camera properly – hence the fuzzy shot!

Of course one of the things we look for when we are traveling are the wild flowers…this early in the season with the snow barely having melted in spots, one really had to look – but they were there…

Utah Honeysuckle

The Utah Honeysuckle was just coming into bloom in the sunniest areas – but there were enough of them that the Rufous Hummingbirds had arrived – this being a favorite early food source.  (wasn’t able to get a hummingbird picture here)

Spring Gold -first flowers

Spring Gold was just starting to flower, again in the sunniest locations.  The creeping phlox wasn’t quite in bloom yet..

Pussy Willows

I found these Pussy Willows most attractive though….


as did the Chipmunks!  By the time our 3 day visit was over, chipmunks had pretty much eaten every pussy willow off of the bushes!  and I think that is probably enough for this posting….we’ll cover the rest of the ‘critters’ and birds in part 3

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