Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spring Trip 2012 – Tunkwa Lake P.P. – Part 4

Now the 25th of May and a Friday, we decided to head out for a morning walk over to the Aspen Grove

The spillway

it was another nice day….fisheries had been in the previous afternoon and removed their nets from the top of the spillway – the ones at the bottom were still in place…

Up from the depths

as soon as the nets had been removed, a pair of Common Loon moved into the area, one wouldn’t venture right into the tight little bay, but the other one had no concerns about doing so, nor was it at all concerned about me sitting only a few feet away…

American Wigeon pair

a pair of American Wigeon were also hanging about that area.

from the far end

heading toward the bluff….spotted…

Male Mountain Bluebird

a Mountain Bluebird on that one lone dead pine tree…

The marsh behind

onto the bluff and looking down into the marsh…could hear Marsh Wren all over the place, as well as Yellow-headed Blackbirds..

Pair of Red-head and a Scaup

Besides the inevitable Scaup, there were several pairs of Red Head Ducks (above), a pair of Canvas Back and some Ruddy Ducks as well as American Coot.  A Sora was spooked as we walked along but missed getting a picture.

The Aspen grove

and finally, into the Aspen Grove, or as I prefer to call it, the ‘bird nursery’…

Early Blue Violets

should show though that what appears to just be dead grass on the way to the grove, is actually a carpet of Early Blue Violets…

Female Tree Swallow

and, as usual, the aspens were alive with nesting Tree Swallows, like the female above,

Starling taking food to nest

European Starlings…

near the nest

Northern Flicker…

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird….and who knows what else….not wanting to alarm the nursery any more than necessary we then headed back to the campground.

In the afternoon I wandered off by myself…

The family in the bay

headed over to Leighton because it doesn’t matter how many times you visit the same area, there is always something different to see – this picture really shows the dead falls….but then I spotted not one but two families of Canada Geese..

Keeping an eye on me

I stood very quietly and this family very cautiously approached…

Canada Goose family

and then, deciding that I wasn’t a threat, came ashore only a few feet in front of me.

Flicker nest site

on the way back from the aspen grove, I had noticed this tree and thought their had to be something nesting in there…

Female Northern Flicker at nest

so, being by myself, I cautiously approached it and sure enough….another Northern Flicker nest….and now I’ll break off with the rest of the days events in Part 5.

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  1. Hello Kathy - How many eagles in the Fraser River area? December 27th, 2015