Monday, August 10, 2009

Yukon Trip 2009 - Day 25 Part 1 - Alaska Highway

Morning on the 16th of June we bid farewell to buggy 'Big Creek' and drove the short distance to Watson Lake.
This is just a small sampling of the hundreds and hundreds of signs from all over the world that are in the 'sign forest' by their visitor's center.

It was obvious that a lot of people put a lot of thought into the sign they would bring to be added to the collection - next trip, we must do the same! There was a nice little park just behind the visitor center with a free dump station, so we made use of that, topped up both the water and fuel and were back on the road.......

at 10:55 am we re-entered good old B.C.!

Took this picture figuring that would probably be the closest we'd get to seeing a Wood Bison.....

we were wrong! there were a couple of these guys just down the road. Stopped for lunch at 'Contact Creek' - this was the spot where the soldiers building the Alaska Highway from the south, me the ones doing the same from the north...this was in September of 1942. This was probably the ONLY time I left all the cameras in the truck. We were sitting eating lunch in the camper and I almost choked as I looked out and there, right at the foot of the stairs to the camper, was a Red Fox! I yelled at Ernie to grab Shantz because RV screen doors don't have latches or screen strong enough to 50 lb dog that wants out!

somehow, Ernie grabbed Shantz and took her out the door, down the steps and into her kennel in the back seat of the truck and then grabbed our would think the fox would be long gone by now, but wasn't terribly concerned!

So we managed to get some photos of it after all.

look at that tail! wish I could transpose it onto the rear end of a certain red Siberian husky!

thought I'd toss this picture can see that April is really upset with all this traveling!

On we go....this is the Liard River......

there was a viewpoint over looking this lovely marshy area....looked again for Moose, did see a pair of Trumpeter Swans.....

another view of the marshy area....while we were stopped here a fellow stopped and said there was a Grizzly at the side of the road just back aways.....

by the time we got 'just down the road' there was no sign of the Grizzly - not to matter, we'd seen our share of them.

there was a 'rustic' campground at this spot - Whirlpool Rapids - not recommended for large RV's....for obvious reasons when we pulled in there. We had no problem, but the big Fifth Wheel that must not have read the Milepost had a bit of fun getting turned around!

I think this must be the actual 'canyon'.....

I took this picture of these wild roses growing at the entrance to the campground, just because they were an interesting shape - the petals were much narrower than normal.
and on to Liard Hot Springs - part Two

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