Monday, August 17, 2009

Yukon Trip 2009 - Day 33 - Missed Pictures

OK, so here is the row of pictures I missed from the last entry.....we've finally reached the end of the main trail.....looking across at Angel Glacier....from here on in it is sort of walk where ever you can......Ernie and Shantz reading the information signs.

'giant' Willow aren't limited to the tundra....note the pussy willows on this little guy.

an 'ice berg' on dry land......

more ice bergs...and for size comparison, that little black dot in the middle beside the 'lake' is Ernie - you might think we were the only people there, but that wasn't the case at all - I had to work really hard to get pictures that didn't have people in them!

a wall of ice.....and now you can go back to the prior entry to get the rest of the story - sorry 'bout that!

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