Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yukon Trip 2009 - Day 34 - 2nd to last day

Our second to last day of this trip, June 25th, went for a final walk before hitting the road.....above, one of the paths leading to the Snaring River, from the campsite....

took a few last wildflower photos - this interesting, creeping type Aster was just coming into flower

found this lovely bunch of delicate 'Harebells'

and another bunch of 'Black-eyed Susans'

drove into the town of Jasper, and since it had clouded over and was cool enough to leave the dogs in the truck, did a bit of poking about in various shops......

finally it was time to point the truck west and head towards Mt. Robson where we stopped to give the dogs a break and take a few pictures......that is Indian Paintbrush in the foreground of the above shot.

Mt. Robson had it's head shrouded in cloud - which tends to be the usual state for this mountain - if you want a clear look at it, go back in the archives of this blog to the start of the Alberta trip last year.
From Mt. Robson we turned south on the Yellowhead highway with a stop at Avola to visit Snowpak Siberians where Shantz got to say hello to mom 'Peaches' and dad 'Coco' and assorted brothers and cousins etc.....not to mention her favorite people in the world.
After a nice visit, we proceeded on to the North Thompson Provincial Park just south of Clearwater. It was fairly late (8:15 pm) and we were surprised to find the campground almost full, but did manage to find a spot to spend the night.
Campground fee: $15 Total distance traveled to date: 8,051km.

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