Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spring Trip 2010 – Day 34 – Writing on Stone – Part 3

After lunch we decided to leave the dogs and walk up the hill to the visitor’s center.  They have a wonderful gift shop and I’d hoped to do some really early Christmas shopping ~ alas, their system was down and the gift shop was closed….

Spring Trip 2010 2047

On the way up the trail, we spotted a pair of these Lark Sparrows….

Spring Trip 2010 2052

This picture gives an idea of how easy it is to not see birds in this habitat…..the sparrow is in the middle at the bottom…

Spring Trip 2010 2057

Because this is one spectacular looking bird ~ at least in the sparrow family ~ and because I don’t get to see them too often, I’m throwing in a few pictures….

Spring Trip 2010 2060

Now we are back up on top, over looking the campground….

Spring Trip 2010 2062

This shelter is located adjacent to the large parking area up here…

Spring Trip 2010 2063

the path leading to the visitor center…

Spring Trip 2010 2064

that’s Ernie sitting on one of the benches, enjoying the view…

Spring Trip 2010 2065

This is a replica of one of the ‘writings’ on stone, located in the park…..this replica is on the outside of the visitor’s center.  I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of the interior of the center….you’ll just have to go there and see it for yourselves!

Spring Trip 2010 2066

heading back along the trail, to go back down to the campground….this is looking off to the west, the sani-dump is up there on the horizon (always an important piece of information for RV’rs!)

Spring Trip 2010 2067

Took this, just to give an indication of the terrain…..

Spring Trip 2010 2071

Back in the campground, we had a visitor…

DSLR Spring Trip 690

This, what appears to be a yearling Mule deer was very curious about Shantz….

DSLR Spring Trip 691

we were actually worried she was going to walk right up to her.  I’m not sure what would have happened.  Shantz has been trained to ‘watch’ and not ‘react’ but there are limitations!  Fortunately, discretion reigned and the deer decided that perhaps she’d been close enough and left.

DSLR Spring Trip 682

back in the campsite itself, the bird activity continued.  The silly Yellow Warbler was still warring with it’s reflection in our truck mirror….

DSLR Spring Trip 688

Brown Thrasher continued to tantalize but never actually coming quite close enough for a really good picture…

DSLR Spring Trip 696

Robin’s were around….this one having a bit of a dust bath….

Spring Trip 2010 1776

I took this from the adjacent campsite, to show one of those Swainson’s Thrush, it’s proximity to the camp and to Shantz, who is lounging in ‘her’ chair.  So much for shy, secretive….

Spring Trip 2010 1783

this was taken out in front of our campsite, looking in the direction of the river….

Spring Trip 2010 1784

this just shows one of the campsites….the one, if I remember correctly, the snake lady found the aforementioned specimen in….Note, too, the cloud…..we’d been listening to weather forecasts, and there was a reason why today would be the only full day we’d spend here….that ‘S’ word was creeping into the forecast again!

Spring Trip 2010 1785

Here is another campground view….those blue containers are all recycle containers and they are that close together throughout the campsite ~ no excuse not to recycle here!

Spring Trip 2010 1801

did another wander, back around behind the campsite, along the river trail….

Spring Trip 2010 1807

and back into the campground….the white are all dandelions that have gone to seed….

Spring Trip 2010 1799

These are Cliff Swallow nests on the rocks beside the river….they would be last years as there was no sign of any Cliff Swallows yet….

Spring Trip 2010 1789

Sand dunes beside the river…

Spring Trip 2010 1796

and another look along the river….that isn’t mud, it’s damp sand.

Spring Trip 2010 1835

Here is a Brown Thrasher who came right into the campsite, only because I’d actually gone in the camper…..took this out the door.

Spring Trip 2010 1811

a Magpie arrived as well….

Spring Trip 2010 1836

Here are some more birds enjoying those dandelion seeds….

Spring Trip 2010 1842

American Goldfinch had now joined the sparrows….

Spring Trip 2010 1869 

a final, after supper wander, and I spotted, first, this female Grosbeak up in one of the large trees in the campground….I thought at first it was a female Black Headed Grosbeak, like we have back home, but after spotting…..

DSLR Spring Trip 709

this….realized they were Rose-breasted Grosbeak ~ you can really see where the name comes from!

DSLR Spring Trip 711

another look at the male.  Despite taking probably 30 or 40 pictures, I never really got anything good – after all they were up in a large tree, I was looking straight up trying to find them and get pictures….

Spring Trip 2010 1846

By now, light was fading….a perfect day was drawing to a close…..

Spring Trip 2010 2075

and tomorrow, we’d be heading on…..moving closer to home.

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