Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spring Trip 2010 – Some ‘catch up’ Photos

Well folks, I’m back in business!  My desktop computer is once more working and all my pictures have been recovered…..seems I did save them to my external hard drive after all….just couldn’t figure out how to retrieve them…now thanks to Ben (son of a friend) I have it all back and all working fine.  Back to Windows XP – NO MORE VISTA! as that seemed to be the root of the problems

So…before I continue on with the story, I’m just going to go back and post a few pictures from the DSLR camera, that weren’t available when I did the actual postings….

DSLR Spring Trip 449

This is one of the Least Flycatchers that were seen constantly (at least until it snowed), in the vicinity of the campsite in the Center block of Cypress Hills….

DSLR Spring Trip 453

and here is one of the Swainson’s Thrush seen there ~ yes Bill, we saw Swainson’s Thrush everywhere!  there are more to come….

DSLR Spring Trip 461

and there is one of, what I am sure, are Pink Sided Junco…….they were the only kind of Junco we saw there….

DSLR Spring Trip 478

And there is Ernie and Shantz going for a walk on the beautiful sunny day….the day before the snow struck!

DSLR Spring Trip 480




This Prairie Crocus picture was taken along the above walk….











DSLR Spring Trip 482

and these little Spring Beauty’s grew alongside the paved path that I featured before….


DSLR Spring Trip 487 and now we’re back to snow……just a reminder….this was the what we woke up to on the morning of May 23 rd….

DSLR Spring Trip 489The amount on the picnic table sort of says it all!!!!

DSLR Spring Trip 492 

So we’ll say good bye to the snow – again – and this poor bewildered Robin….

DSLR Spring Trip 493

and now we’re in the little community campground at Grassy Lake, Alberta….this is a Common Grackle…

DSLR Spring Trip 503

and that is a bunch more of them on the fence that divided the campground from the adjacent field…

DSLR Spring Trip 504

this was looking south from the campground….that ‘white’ isn’t snow, it was a flock of Gulls – don’t know what kind….

DSLR Spring Trip 506 

and I’m going to toss in this Townsend’s Solitaire….also at the same place…..

So that is it for now.  It might take me a day or two to get the next batch of pictures ready….I’ve had to start from scratch – again – on this computer….and that is very time consuming!!!  But we’ll be heading to Writing On Stone….real soon!

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