Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spring Trip 2010 – Day 37 – Yahk Provincial Park

Left Wasa Lake, not really sure what our next step would be….drove north for a bit and then turned west to the town of Kimberly as we hadn’t been through there for many years.  Kimberly looked to be a very interesting little town that it would be nice to explore if you didn’t look like you had just ‘crawled out of the bush’….carried on to Cranbrook…which seems to get bigger and busier every time we go through there.

Stopped and bought some groceries and then, since it was lunch time and we came across the first Burger King of the trip….had a ‘Whopper’ (my favorite burger) for lunch, and then continued heading westward, towards home.  Should probably have checked out the Provincial Park just west of Cranbrook…Jim something….but didn’t….continued on to Moyie Lake Provincial Park….drove in but it didn’t look special enough to pay $28!!!!  a night for….so turned around and continued working our way west…

Spring Trip 2010 2178

Stopped at a view point a bit further along Moyie Lake… that is it, for views of that particular lake.

The only really worthwhile event of the day was….

Spring Trip 2010 2200

spotting a Moose in this road side pond….by the time I’d got Ernie’s attention, we were, of course, well past it, so he turned around, then had to go back further to find another spot to turn around again….and then pull up and stop on the shoulder at the side of the lake…

Spring Trip 2010 2180

It took a while to spot it because the Moose was now browsing in the shrubbery at the side of the road….that brown dot….

Spring Trip 2010 2182

Here is a zoomed in shot….

Spring Trip 2010 2183

looking at us ~ looking at her (I think it’s a her)

Spring Trip 2010 2190

tired of browsing, it then ventured back into the pond….

Spring Trip 2010 2193

where it proceeded to eat pond weeds…

Spring Trip 2010 2196

Great, dripping mouthfuls of pond weeds and grasses.  By this time a number of people had pulled over and were taking pictures, so we continued on…  I should note that although I’ve seen Moose before, these were the first Moose pictures I’ve ever managed to get.

Spring Trip 2010 2202

Despite the fact that it was still early in the afternoon, made even earlier by passing back into the B.C. time zone….we decided to pull into Yahk Provincial Park….that nice little campground, right beside the highway that we have stayed at before…in fact we’d stayed in this exact same campsite before….

Spring Trip 2010 2205

The campsite backs right onto the Yahk River.  Water levels were much higher than when we’d stayed here previously.

Spring Trip 2010 1889

like ‘father’ like ‘daughter’!  Ernie and Shantz, wiling away a long afternoon. 

The decision had been made, we’d forget about visiting the Kootney’s this trip and just continue westward….meaning we had a long, up and down day to look forward to tomorrow.

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