Friday, November 5, 2010

Manning Park – August long weekend 2010

In real time it is a horrible gray November day….think I’ll finish up this trip to Manning….

Manning Aug.'10 094

August 1st we decided to do the same walk as we’d done the day before, but to go a little further…first to this marshy area where Ernie had actually spotted a Black Bear cub the evening before…

Manning Aug.'10 096

No bear cub this day…just Ernie and Shantz

Manning Aug.'10 098

Lot’s of these Oxeye Daisies…

Manning Aug.'10 100

and some Yarrow.

From here we headed to the Rein Orchid trail….somewhere we hadn’t walked for quite a few years…

Manning Aug.'10 109

This is a really short ‘loop’ trail….the Rein Orchids were long over but

Manning Aug.'10 105

there was lot’s of Pink Wintergreen in flower along the trail…

Manning Aug.'10 104

Here is a closer look at the flower head of Pink Wintergreen.

Now back to the trail and heading towards the campsite…

Manning Aug.'10 115

To show we were now in getting into the ‘fruiting’ rather than ‘flowering’ part of the season, these Blue Huckleberries….

Manning Aug.'10 125

the partially ripe seed heads of False Solomon’s Seal…

Manning Aug.'10 124

these berries will be bright red when fully ripe….

Manning Aug.'10 126

These ‘Tway’ berries are fully ripe….

Manning Aug.'10 117

This bit of ‘nature’s garden’ sports two dainty ‘shrub’s – the creeping ‘Twin Flower’ and the taller ‘Prince’s Pine’

The weather turned hot that afternoon and we spent it sitting in the shade visiting an ‘at home’ neighbour who also happened to be staying in the same campground.

Next day it was time to head home, but not before stopping at Strawberry Flats for a bit of a walk…

again, it wasn’t the most inspiring time of the year…

along the trail

Tiger lilies were in flower along the more open parts of the trail…

Tiger lilies along the trail

Here is a bit closer look at some of the Tiger lilies

Bull Thistle

Bull Thistles were also in full flower….

Manning Aug.'10 045

We did actually spot a couple of birds….this female Hairy Woodpecker….

Manning Aug.'10 049

and this Spruce Grouse….

Mid-summer is definitely not my favorite time of the year and this trip pretty much shows why ~ still it is always nice to get away and see something different.

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