Monday, November 8, 2010

Tunkwa P.P. – Late August, 2010

Took advantage of an unexpected week off in late August to do a bit of B.C. exploring.  Started off heading to good ole’ Tunkwa as we hadn’t been there since the Canada Day long weekend.  Arrived at 8 in the evening…

Late Sum. trip 2010 209

Just in time to catch this sunset.  With only about 20 of the 220 sites occupied we settled in on the spit which we had pretty much to ourselves.

SLR 011

August 27th was  my definition of paradise ~ the temperature had dropped to close to freezing overnight with a heavy fog over the lake that had dissipated by 8:30 or so, with the sunshine.

SLR 012

The lake was like glass and so quiet….

SLR 017

We set off for a walk around the north end of the lake, over to Bluff Lake….

SLR 018

Lot’s of Lesser Scaup families over here – I’ve mentioned before how this species of ducks are really late nesters….

SLR 026

Raising young Lesser Scaup seems to be a community affair….

SLR 027

We counted over 70 ducklings….

SLR 029

This being late August we knew shorebird migration was well underway…this pair of Greater Yellowlegs were poking about on the shoreline.


SLR 033

Here is a late summer look at Bluff Lake….there wasn’t a bird on it. 

SLR 043

The spillway from Tunkwa to Leighton was now totally dried up.

Heading back to the campground I spent the rest of the day just wandering and taking pictures….

SLR 053

The whole area was over run with Yellow Rump Warblers….there had to be hundreds of them…

SLR 046

The Canada Geese were very relaxed after a summer of activity…

SLR 069

In fact they made for some artistic pictures as they blended in with the late summer grasses..

SLR 070

I especially like this one…

SLR 051

Quite a few Starlings hanging about….not in the massive numbers you find around farms and ranches though…

SLR 056 

Here is another one of those numerous Yellow Rump Warblers…no longer in his brilliant breeding plumage.

SLR 062

Someone else no longer in his brilliant plumage is this male Mallard….he’ll only change his brilliant emerald green head to this dull one for a couple of months before turning back into the colors everyone associates with Mallards.

SLR 067

In the quite area between the spit and the main part of the campground, there was a family of Pied bill Grebe.  I’ve seen Pied bill Grebe here before, but never a family of them.

Late Sum. trip 2010 229

It was a treat to be able to watch them.  One of the little guys came up with a frog almost as big as he was!

SLR 071

A walk along the shoreline in the afternoon found some more shorebirds.

Late Sum. trip 2010 238

The inevitable Killdeer of course….

Late Sum. trip 2010 239

but also a Semi-palmated Sandpiper (closer bird) and a Baird’s Sandpiper (further bird)

Late Sum. trip 2010 241

I even managed to get my kayak in the water, for the first and only time this year!

Late Sum. trip 2010 249

Snuck up on these sleepy ‘eclipse’ plumaged Mallard.

Late Sum. trip 2010 003

an after supper walk found us another shorebird species….this one a Solitary Sandpiper…

Late Sum. trip 2010 007

poking about along the edge of Leighton Lake…

SLR 088

and so an absolutely perfect day, drew to a close.

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