Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tunkwa Lake – August 29, 2010

In real time it is a beautiful sunny November day but I’m about ‘walked’ out, so figured I’d continue on with our late summer trip.

Being the middle of the weekend, we decided to spend one more day at Tunkwa, before moving on…

Late Sum. trip 2010 257

It was another beautiful calm morning as we decided to take a walk over to Leighton Lake

Late Sum. trip 2010 258

Leighton, too was perfectly calm and as you can see from the few units at the far end, also sparsely populated.

Late Sum. trip 2010 259

walked along the shore line until it was time to head off across the grasslands towards June Lake.

Late Sum. trip 2010 263

Shantz has spotted something in the distance…

Late Sum. trip 2010 264

a group of horseback riders setting off on a ride….Shantz would have loved to have joined them!

Late Sum. trip 2010 266

up at June Lake, 3 Mule Deer took off – all good reasons why dogs, especially Siberian Huskies ~ should be on leads at all times!

Late Sum. trip 2010 269

June Lake, in late summer, was it’s usual uninspiring self…

Late Sum. trip 2010 270

at least until we spotted activity on the shore…

Late Sum. trip 2010 274

There were Killdeer – lots of Killdeer!  Seventeen of them to be precise!

Late Sum. trip 2010 279

Skirting around the lake and headed now over to the aspen grove and Bluff Lake….this pair of Chipmunks were busy giving either us, or each other, what for!

Late Sum. trip 2010 281

This Mountain Chickadee co-operated for one of the better pictures I’ve ever managed of these guys.

Late Sum. trip 2010 286

By the time we’d made it back to the campground (it’s about a 2 hour walk with lots of stops for pictures)…the weather was definitely deteriorating!

Late Sum. trip 2010 288

We’d only just made it back when the skies opened and it poured!

Late Sum. trip 2010 289

and then the system moved on…

Late Sum. trip 2010 290

a Northern Harrier was out checking the grass along the lake edge…

Late Sum. trip 2010 293

Mallards and Coots were busy preening after the deluge…

Late Sum. trip 2010 297

When it was all over I ventured out for a walk along the shore….the Baird’s Sandpiper were still there..

Late Sum. trip 2010 301

Here is another look at a species we don’t see all that often…

Late Sum. trip 2010 302

Looking southwards…the weather remain unsettled and stormy…

Late Sum. trip 2010 304

This Brewer’s Blackbird was the last picture I took that day before another rain squall sent us inside.

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