Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 2 on the West Coast

I had meant to get this posted yesterday, but simply ran out of time. We are thinking of changing our traveling system from a truck and travel trailer and going back to a truck and camper like we used to have. We've found the camper we want, but now we need to find a heavier duty truck to carry it, so a lot of my time at the computer has been searching for available trucks.

So back to the west coast and on the 25th of March last year - it was the 'wet' west coast as we got up to rain, sometimes mixed with snow. Not the sort of day for walking miles on the beach so after breakfast we decided to go for a drive. First stop was at Grice Bay. Grice Bay is on the east side of the peninsula that has Tofino at one end and Uculet at the other. This can be a pretty spot but as you can see it was pretty dreary on this day. So onwards to the town of Tofino. Tofino has grown considerably in the past few years, and definitely caters to the tourist. We drove to Chesterman Beach, a beach that we used to enjoy years ago but that is now lined with expensive homes and hotels.
As you can see it was a charming day.......

but that didn't stop these surfers from heading out into the waves - in fact as we were leaving a lot more surfers were arriving. Surfing is really promoted in the area. Back to the truck and back on the road heading south once more (there is only one road, you don't have much choice!). Stopped at the large parking area for Long Beach which is situated at the north end of the beach.

This is almost the most northerly end of Long Beach.

My ulter-ego looking southwards at the same area.

That rock in the distance is 'Seal Rock', so named because it is usually covered with seals or sea lions.

A bit further along we spotted these Sanderling, the only shorebirds we saw the entire time we were there. Sanderling are like little mechanical toys. As a wave comes in they march up the beach ahead of the wave........

Then as it recedes, the march back following the ebbing wave......

and picking up any tidbits they can find.

The rest of the day continued pretty dark and gray with rain off and on. By this time the novelty of being on the west coast is wearing thin as everything is wet. Our clothes are wet, we've used every towel we own drying off us and dogs, the windows in the trailer are constantly streaming with moisture.......but as long as the weather stays the way it is, we don't dare attempt heading back over the mountains, so have to wiat it out.
By evening the sky is breaking and things look more hopeful.
This is the view from our campsite as evening falls.

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