Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day - then and now

Well it may be St. Patrick's Day but the luck of the Irish doesn't seem to be extending to the weather department as the warmest we've reached so far today is 2.5 c degrees and it has been another mixed up day of almost sunshine, snow, and rain.

Last year on St. Patrick's Day, we were still at Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island. A morning walk revealed a bit more in the shorebird department. The American Golden Plovers were joined by some Black Turnstones and Dunlin.

along with a few Glaucous Wing Gulls. In the afternoon the beach was occupied by a different sort of life as our three grandchildren came for a visit.

I'm sure our grandchildren are convinced we live in our 18 1/2 foot trailer as the youngest has never been to where we do live (which isn't all that much bigger - being a park model trailer) and the older two were probably too young to remember the house we used to own and that they both visited at.

Last year it was a nice enough day for playing with bubbles outside. This shot also gives a glimpse of the size and the general type of vegetation that the Miracle Beach campground is located in.

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