Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This will no doubt be a bit of a learning curve for awhile. I have been keeping a blog on a specific website, on a specific area, for several months now, but thought it was time to expand my horizons so that I can report on all areas we visit.

A bit about us. We live in the upper Fraser Valley area of British Columbia. We are fortunate to live in a rural area that has great birding opportunites, but we like nothing better than taking off, either for a daily drive, or for weeks at a time with our truck and travel trailer, to see what we can see. We concentrate on western Canada, primarily British Columbia and Alberta but also the North West Territories and the Yukon. I enjoy keeping track of what I see, both by writing and in photographs. In fact you won't often find me without a camera. You also won't find us without our two dogs. Most people don't think that birding and dogs go hand in hand but we have never found it to be a problem. Our dogs are always on a leash and have been trained from an early age to 'watch' birds and not 'chase' - they also know that when 'mom' is taking a picture, they are to sit quietly. Our old dog, a 12 year old Shih Tzu really isn't into this birding thing, but is perfectly happy being a 'car alarm' in our truck, while our Siberian Husky is always up for anything.

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