Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Qualicum

A miserable wet day today, so a good time to get caught up on last years island trip. This morning we'll visit Little Qualicum Falls Park and then this afternoon, head back to the beach.

Besides Rathtrevor, there are two other provincial park campsites in the immediate area of Parksville on Vancouver Island. One of them is Englishman River and would have been our preference for staying at - had it been open for camping - as my daughters place is within walking distance. Unfortunately, since the operation of these campgrounds was privatized a few years ago, they are now no longer accessible year round like they used to be. The other campground, Little Qualicum Falls, is further west and not far from where we used to live, we would often load a few of the dogs up and head there for an after supper walk.

So on March 21st of last year, we headed there for old times sake. There is a lovely network of trails, some of which are pretty steep as they follow the river which drops dramatically through the confines of the park. The above view is a part of the lower falls. A bridge crosses the river and this view is looking up from the bridge area. There are more falls on the other side of the bridge.
This view is part of the upper falls. Again a bridge crosses over the river just upstream from here. I remember one winter when this entire area was frozen solid. Somewhere I have some pretty dramatic pictures that we took - in the days of pre-digital.

As the trail goes past the upper falls, you reach a flatter area. This photo gives a pretty good idea of what a west coast rainforest looks like!

An opening with a marshy area at the edge of the forest.

With one of my favorite signs of spring - Skunk Cabbages. I have always loved Skunk Cabbages, perhaps because they are just so cheerful looking and a definite sign that spring is on it's way.

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