Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yukon Trip 2009 - Day 12 Part 1 - Klondike Highway

Although I didn't know it when we got up after a very few hours sleep - today was apparently 'Dempster or bust' day. We were on the road by 9 o'clock.
We'd only been on the road for a few minutes when we reached the rest area at Montague House....the remains of what had been a typical road house, offering meals and lodging on the stagecoach route from Whitehorse to Dawson City - a trip that apparently took 5 days.

The small openings in the upstairs were where the lodging rooms were. There were apparently 51 of these road houses along the route.

The remains of the old wood stove used to prepare the meals was still inside.

The highway today, a far cry from a stagecoach route. This view is looking back towards Whitehorse, 130 km to the south.

Another 30 km and we entered the village of Carmacks, which is located on the banks of the Yukon River and has a population of 450 people. This beautiful mosaic sign was designed by local artists and assembled by members of the Little Salmon First Nations.

There was also an interpretive centre here, which, unlike so many we had seen, was actually open.

The highway now started to climb, this picture was taken from a viewpoint at the 168 km mark.

Next stop of interest was Five Finger Rapids

This photo shows the Five Finger's rapids which are a navigational hazard on the river. You could actually walk to a viewpoint right down at the rapids, it involved a flight of 219 stairs and then a trail....we did not do it. Shantz and Ernie walked part way down the stairs which were in stages with platforms holding information signs.

Well they explored the stairs, I amused myself taking flower pictures....what a color combination! Dandelions and Northern Hedysarum.

Here is a close up of the Northern Hedysarum (which I might actually be able to spell without having to look it up each time before this trip is over!)

Yellow Locoweed was also growing in this area.

another 20 km or so down the road, another rest area with wonderful, informational signage.

This view just showing the general countryside in this area, now over 200 km from Whitehorse.

These arid, barren hillsides are reminiscent of areas such as the Fraser Canyon back home.
A bit further along the highway we were back in more level terrain and pulled into what appeared to be an old abandoned farmstead, to make our lunch. It was hot (26 c) and the mosquitoes were thick! which is why there are not pictures of the spot.
on to part two (and then part three).

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