Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yukon Trip 2009 - Day 12 Part 3 - Dempster Highway

A final rest area, this one over looking the Tintina Trench which is apparently 1 of the 2 major bird migration corridors in the Yukon and then on to the Klondike River Lodge which sits at the junction of the Klondike and Dempster Highways. There is a gas station, restaurant, RV park here, so we filled up the fuel tank (diesel now 1.28 a liter), emptied the holding tanks (they had a sani-dump), filled up the fresh water tank and a spare jug, just in case....and finally.......

turned onto the road that we had come so far to explore! The Dempster Highway - 735 km of gravel road to Inuvik N.W.T.

The Dempster highway, looking north, from about the 40 km mark.

and a little further along.....we were heading to the Tombstone campground which is at the 71 km mark and basically at the foot of those mountains in the distance.

We arrived at the campsite at about 6 pm, it was 27c but not as oppressively hot as it had been the day before. This is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular settings for a campground you are likely to find anywhere!

Our campsite at Tombstone.

The view from our campsite, looking towards the east........

towards the south west - that green roof is the screened in kitchen shelter....although there were virtually no bugs here - that probably changes later in the season.

looking to the north west.......

Ernie and Shantz enjoying a relaxing was now 10 pm.....I think this was the only fire we had the entire trip - but at least Ernie got to test out the new hatchet.

another view from the campground, this to the south west - we'd be spending a couple more nights at this campground so will return here on the next posting.
Campground fee: $12. Total distance traveled to date: 3320 km.

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