Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yukon Trip 2009 - Day 5 Part 2 - Stewart/Cassiar

Meziadin Lake, as I said in part 1, is located just before the junction of hwy 37 (Stewart/Cassiar) and 37A that goes to the town of Stewart. It is a fairly large, and very pretty lake and the provincial park campground located at the north end of the lake is absolutely beautiful! One of our newer campgrounds, some of the sites are located right along the lake shore, while others are tiered up the hillside. An operator lives on site and the campground was absolutely immaculate! The above shot shows some of the sites located on the lake front, and also the day use, picnic site.
We set up in this site on the lakeshore, much to Shantz's delight - she doesn't know huskies aren't supposed to like water! After setting up, I took off with camera in hand, to see what I could see.

These Yellow Violets carpeted the area, there were huge patches of them all over the place.

a close up view of a Yellow Violet.

My wanders took me to the top tier of campsites and I discovered that they were much warmer than those down by the water as there was quite a wind blowing down at the water's edge....that plus the fact that I really didn't want a wet Siberian husky on the bed, I went back and suggested that we move up to the spot that gave us this view. By this time we had packing and unpacking down to an art so it took only moments to be ready to move. The kettle off the stove and into the cupboard, the paper towels, dish washing liquid and the African Violet (yes, I took an African Violet the whole route with us - I knew it wouldn't survive if I'd left it home), into the sink....the garbage container into the shower well in the bathroom and the soaps and shampoo into the basin and we're ready inside. All Ernie has to do outside is use the remote to suck up the 'happy' (electric) jacks, and fold up the stairs and put them in the Rubbermaid container inside the camper....oh, and remove April (the Shih Tzu) from the bed in the camper to her bed in the truck....and we were ready to go. I walked Shantz, on her tie-out, to the new location.

We don't know how she does it, but we'd no sooner set up in the new site, when she'd found herself a tennis ball.....she finds more balls in more places......and they keep her amused for hours
Now you might be wondering just where the birds are in today's report. Well we're coming to them. This was Flycatcher country....and Flycatchers are one of the most frustrating bird families to try and identify. I'm pretty sure there were 4 different types here but just as to what types they were....well...maybe somebody will be able to help out!

Western Wood Pee Wee or Alder Flycatcher?

I thought that this little buy was a Least Flycatcher, but my favorite guide book tells me they aren't in that area....could it be a Hammond's....apparently they are in the area......

Here's another view of the little guy......

I know for sure that this one is a Olive-sided Flycatcher. Other species seen at Meziadin were: Spotted Sandpiper (of course - water = Spotted Sandpipers); Warblers, Yellow rumped and Wilsons; Pine Sisken; Steller's Jay; Northern Flicker; Rufous Hummingbird, Junco; Ruffed Grouse (could be heard drumming); crows, a Merlin, Barn Swallows, and on the lake, Common Loon and Canada Geese

Campground fee: $15.00 Total distance traveled to date: 1,433 km

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