Monday, July 27, 2009

Yukon Trip 2009 - Day 18 Part 2 - enroute to border

After crossing the Peel river, we began the climb back up to higher elevations.......
The above gives a good over view of the land as we leave the taiga and re-enter the tundra....

we are now back in the area where we will encounter road construction and as you can see from this shot, there are some fairly large, loose rocks on the road. Note to how the road snakes off to the left and over the horizon.....

another view of the road heading off to the horizon.

I absolutely love the tundra! To some, especially if you were just rushing past in your vehicle it could appear barren and lifeless, when in actual fact it is anything simply have to stop and get out of your vehicle and take a closer look!

Now I apologize for this picture....I was balancing on a couple of rocks, bending over, trying to obey the cardinal rule of landscape photography - make sure your horizon is level! - and failed miserably! I also broke my own rule of always taking more than just one picture, so you get this rather crooked shot which was meant to illustrate exactly what I had said, that by getting out of our truck and walking a bit on the tundra, we found this delightful little stream that had these Arctic Buttercups growing beside it.

This was the only spot we saw this particular wildflower. If we'd just driven by, we'd have missed it entirely.

another area of wonderful tundra........this type more rocky and less 'muskeg'

and when you get out and look, see the wonderful, natural 'rock gardens'

Those tiny little pink flowers are Alpine Azalea.

a view from over head of nature's handiwork....

and a final, close view with a penny for size comparison of this diminutive wildflower.

another, less rocky area, provides a different variety of plants entirely.

more views of the tundra - I really can't get enough of it and after all often are any of us going to see it, so please bear with me over the next few posts.....

and a final over view as we close in on the N. W. T. and Yukon border - part 3

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