Monday, October 19, 2009

Tunkwa Thanksgiving – Part two

I should have started part one with this picture!…..

frost on the inside!

This is the INSIDE of our double glazed windows when we woke up in the morning….that is after the furnace running almost constantly all night and breaking the ice that froze the pull down blind to the window pane!  But water and holding tanks weren’t frozen and that is the main thing!

Tunkwa part two 027

After returning from our morning walk, I spent a good part of the day attempting to get pictures of the large numbers of juvenile White Crowned Sparrows that were in the park.  This was the best picture I managed – remember that my good camera had died so am working with a back up!  By the way have changed my font to something I can find a little easier – does anyone know how to ‘lock’ the font so I don’t have to reset every time I insert a picture????

Tunkwa part two 054

When we walked down to the water, the amount of lake area that was frozen had expanded….this is all ice, clear enough to show the water weeds underneath.  The white isn’t snow, but that hoarfrost from the trees.

Tunkwa part two 056

all along the edge of the lake there were piles of dead weed that had washed ashore and hundreds of assorted snail shells ~ all proof of how ‘rich’ this lake is and how it supports such a great fish and waterfowl population.


Tunkwa part two 061

Tunkwa lake is in the middle of cattle country ~ you don’t normally see the cattle during the summer months, but during the rest of the year they roam free, everywhere except in the campground itself and fenced areas that are being protected. 

Tunkwa part two 085

Late in the afternoon, while my husband made supper (he does the cooking when we are away – I know!  I’m spoiled!), I went for a bit of a wander on my own.  The sun was very low in the sky now, making for an interesting picture looking back at the lake.

Tunkwa part two 088

The low sun intensified the colors of the wild rose bushes (in the foreground) as I took this picture of the frozen bay.

Tunkwa part two 092

I poked about in the vegetation at the end of the bay, trying to get pictures of the Mountain Chickadees and a Yellow Rump Warbler I saw there ~ neither of which were successful.  I did get a kick out of this little ‘dining table’ ~ obviously a chipmunk had been enjoying a repast of rose hips!

Tunkwa part two 101

Tossed this in for the dog lovers out there – Shantz was enjoying the afternoon sunshine!

Tunkwa part two 108

As soon as the sun went down the temperatures started to plummet!  This was the best we could offer in the way of a sunset picture – it looked better through our mirrored tinted windows!

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