Monday, October 26, 2009

Vancouver Island – August ‘09 – Part two

  After supper that day we headed back to the beach.  The skies had cleared and it was a beautiful late summer evening.  This time we headed south along the beach (our earlier walk had been northwards)

Van. Isle. part 2 146

There are a number of very large rocks just off the ‘point’ of Green Point campground.  The tide was very low, in fact I had never seen these rocks exposed to the point that you could walk around the ocean side of them before.  The above shot is taken on the ‘beach’ side of them.

Van. Isle. part 2 148

just past the largest of the rocks, you squeeze through a path, which brings you out to this section of the beach which I believe is called Schooner Beach….

Van. Isle. part 2 150

this is another wonderful sandy beach that goes on for miles, although it does get a bit pebbly if you walk far enough

Van. Isle. part 2 151

a long walk wasn’t in the plans that evening, so we turned towards the ocean where we could see all sorts of bird life at the edge of the water

Van. Isle. part 2 155

there were large numbers of gulls here.  I’m not very good at ID’ing Gulls.  I think they may have been California Gulls or possibly Westerns…

Van. Isle. part 2 158

spotted a Black Oystercatcher on one of the big rocks….turns out there was a family and I’ll have pictures of the young one a bit later on.

Van. Isle. part 2 160

If you enlarge this picture (click on it)….you will see starfish on the base of the rocks

Van. Isle. part 2 161

there were a lot of these moth eaten crows around – I think probably young ones moulting into their adult plumage.  Crows here on the west coast are the North Western variety….smaller than their cousins, the American Crows that are seen in most of the country.

Van. Isle. part 2 163

the lighting for this silhouette of a North Western Crow and a Black Oystercatcher, was provided by the very low angle of the sun.

Van. Isle. part 2 165

and this Oystercatcher on it’s own.

Van. Isle. part 2 196

further up on the beach there were more of those Semi-palmated Plovers

Van. Isle. part 2 200

as the sun sunk lower and lower it was time to head back to the camper for the night…

Van. Isle. part 2 202

with a pretty respectable sunset happening!

Van. Isle. part 2 213

west coast sunset….

Van. Isle. part 2 216

others wandering homeward -

Van. Isle. part 2 217

and a final look back at the beach as we head up the hill and to bed.

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