Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vancouver Island – August ‘09 – Part three

Next morning we packed up and vacated the campsite, then reported back to the park headquarters and were told there was another site we could have for that night only… paid for that, but figured we might as well go for a bit of drive, so headed north up the peninsula in the direction of the town of Tofino, but only went as far as the parking lot at the north end of ‘Long Beach’

Van. Isle. part 2 219


The beach at this end looks pretty much like the beach at the campground end, but is usually more populated, due to the number of parking lots.

Van. Isle. part 2 222

Looking back towards Green Point in the far distance.

Van. Isle. part 2 224

This large rock is known as ‘Seal Rock’….because it is often covered with Seals…..didn’t see any this particular day.

Van. Isle. part 2 228

We did spot this flock of shorebirds……

Van. Isle. part 2 231

You can see that there was a fair amount of bird life but also more people, so we decided to head back to the campground and the less populated area as we find at the campground, most people stay concentrated on the beach right at the base.  Not to many head out along the beach.

Van. Isle. part 2 233

When we got back to the site, this Crow was there to greet us.

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