Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vancouver Island – August ‘09 – Part four

Back to the beach…..this time back to the rocks at the base of Green Point Campsite….

Van. Isle. part 2 238

You can see it was a beautiful clear sunny day, none of the mist from the day before.

Van. Isle. part 2 239

The tide is a lot higher than it was when we were here in the evening.

Van. Isle. part 2 241

I threw this shot in because if you look carefully you will see two people….this gives an indication of just how big these rocks are. 

Van. Isle. part 2 251

Our objective, of course, was again to search for shorebirds, so any of you not interested in birds will probably want to scroll down to the bottom…..  we had headed south again, past the rocks and it didn’t take long to spot this flock of Sanderling….

Van. Isle. part 2 253

here is a closer view of the Sanderling

Van. Isle. part 2 257

Sanderling are like little wind up toys….as a wave recedes they all run with it as it ebbs, and then when another wave comes they all turn in unison and madly run up the beach, repeating the process over and over….

Van. Isle. part 2 258

There were Gulls too of course, I think California Gulls ~ but I am open to correction….

Van. Isle. part 2 266

This is a young one of what ever type they are….I just thought this was a neat shot….

Van. Isle. part 2 271

There were more of the Western Sandpipers as well….this guy had found himself some sort of juicy sea worm!

Van. Isle. part 2 273

We had wandered quite a ways down the beach….this is looking back….that is Green Point on the right…

Van. Isle. part 2 288

You’re probably getting tired of pictures of Western Sandpipers….but there were so many of them and I took so many pictures of them, after all, you never know how long it’ll be before you see them again….

Van. Isle. part 2 298

We were heading back to the campground and were just skirting the large tidal pool at the base of the rocks when I spotted something I knew I had never seen before!!!!

Van. Isle. part 2 308

there were more of those Western Sandpipers….and then this bigger golden brown guy ~ if you are a birder you know the excitement of spotting a species you’ve never seen before…and if that species happens to be a rarity – well the blood pressure really rises….and this was the case here, when we got back and consulted the field guide, we found this to be a juvenile Ruff….a Eurasian species that occasionally makes a chance visit to this side of the Pacific.

Van. Isle. part 2 318

Here are a couple more shots of it, and I’ll have some even better ones  in the next part…..

Van. Isle. part 2 326

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