Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bald Eagle Country – and yet more winter…..

Monday morning we woke to a winter wonderland….


neither Shantz nor I could resist the chance to go for a walk in fresh snow….so we set off


the log bay was very picturesque…..


there is Mt. Woodside across the estuary…


on the return trip, the bay by the viewing platform was occupied by this Great Blue Heron and a lot of ducks – usually when that happens, they all fly off – no matter how carefully you try to walk past them, but this morning they all stayed put, busy feeding away…


the heron seemed to be finding something to eat in there….


mid-day, we made the trek again….the Killdeer that have been hanging out at the log bay for the last little while were still there.


and a few eagles, including this guy on one of the pilings


the snowy scene – I have to tell you that there was a bit of a wind chill happening and it was pretty darn cold – by this time my hands were numb!


another eagle….this was the day the official Christmas Bird Count was being done in our area…I don’t imagine they saw much to count as it sure was quiet with the cold and the wind.


a bunch of Mallard and some Green Wing Teal huddled in close to the shore…


a few more Mallard and 3 female Hooded Mergansers….


another look at the snowy bay…and we headed for home – time to thaw out!

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  1. Nice shots Kath,I think I'll still take this weather though.Always good to see shots of the old homestead.
    I'm now inland at 6200ft,will blog soon.