Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bald Eagle Country – it’s winter!

I don’t know why but I’ve been having a terrible time finding the time to make postings to this blog lately.  It must be the time of year!  Either that or the fact that for the past week or so the temperature hasn’t climbed above freezing – that’s OK – winter should feel like winter (and yes, I know it isn’t ‘officially’ winter yet) but the problem is that our furnace decided to quit about the same time the cold weather arrived.  That isn’t a major problem since we live in a very small space (park model trailer – 444 sq. ft.) and we have a propane fireplace that works very well, but the warm air doesn’t quite make it around the corner in the bedroom where my computer sits, so it gets a bit frigid on the fingers……

Anyway, today we had to head into Mission, B.C. to buy groceries so took the camera along and thought I’d post some pictures….you’ll note I’m being really lazy and not even taking the time to change the ‘fonts’.


We did the usual ‘circuit’ route on Nicomen Island, there was nothing in the slough for the simple reason it was completely frozen over…and looking a little whiter than just ice would provide, as for the past two days it has been snowing…very, very lightly, with tiny little snow pellets….not enough to really do anything but it does tend to ‘brighten’ where it is already frozen.


This view of the road shows the extent of the snow we’ve rec’d.


On the way home we decided to do another side trip…this time along the main slough that separates the island from the mainland.


Looking the other way, there were a total of 19 Great Blue Herons in this field which is adjacent to the Fire Hall (that ‘barn’ building).  Couldn’t get a picture that would show all of the Herons but this gives an idea.


Looking back the other way, here is another look at the slough…you can just make out some of the Trumpeter Swans, in fact I’d ‘guesstimate’ there were at least 300 Swans on Nicomen today.


Further along we come to Harrison Bay which is pretty much completely frozen over…


and on the opposite side of the highway that travels along the edge of the bay, we have icicles….lots and lots of icicles.

Arrived home and after putting the groceries away decided to take Shantz for a walk and headed down to the estuary….the last couple of days I’ve been working on my part of a school project my oldest Granddaughter is doing (Grade 3)….and I needed a picture of Grandpa and Grandma – well Grandpa isn’t a problem, but Grandma is because I’m always behind the lens, and besides, I hate having my picture taken….


So now I’ve got them I might as well post them – here’s ‘Grandpa’


and here is ‘Grandma’ – amazing what you’ll do for your grandchildren!

After this picture taking session we walked over to Eagle Point Park….and my regret now was that I only had my little old camera with me that was being temperamental again……


We could hear lots of eagle activity as we approached what I call the ‘log bay’….there were a number perched in the trees around as well…


Including this fellow.


approaching the shoreline you can see a number of eagles…


Here are some closer views of them…


This guy was off to one side where he had his own ‘frozen fish dinner’


Speaking of ‘frozen’ – here is ‘Eagle on Ice’


and here a pair of them…


This is about the best one I got – like I said, wish I’d had my other camera with me!


Just as we were leaving to head home I heard a Belted Kingfisher arrive….I find these guys one of the most frustrating birds to get pictures of – they just won’t let you get close…today I didn’t really try, it was getting late and the light was fading…


So I’ll leave you with this last look of the Kingfisher on the near piling and a Bald Eagle on the far….

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  1. Thanks for your post. It was my primary research for my own outing. I didn't get to visit all of the places you did but I hope to later. Thanks for your work.