Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Eagle Pictures……

It is such a horrible wet day today that I thought I’d go through some of the pictures I took earlier this month when the weather was sunny and clear and cold.

There were some pretty good Bald Eagle pictures among them, so thought I might as well share…..


This guy is just moulting into his adult plumage so would be somewhere around 4 or 5 years of age.


a number of times there were eagles on the shoreline closest to the walking path….this day there were these two who co-operated quite nicely for photographs…you have to remember I’m walking past them, not that far away, with a Siberian Husky dog at my side, so they keep an eye on the situation but have learned we aren’t a threat.


this particular morning I could see there was a lot of activity happening in this spot.  That is Morris Valley Road in the background, which is the main, in fact ‘only’ road that runs past the estuary.

There was obviously something good to eat on this ‘eagle dining table’031-1


every time another one arrived on the scene there would be a great carry on with much flapping of wings and screeching…


This regal fellow was perched on this little stump one sunny afternoon, very close to our walking path, but again, he realized we weren’t a threat and stayed put while we walked past.  My dog has been taught since I got her at 7 weeks of age, that when mom stops with her camera out, dog sits patiently and watch's…which is why I am able to get photos like this.


of course a lot of  getting great bird or wildlife pictures is simply luck, being in the right place at the right time, like this action shot…..


This evil looking fellow was guarding his own private rotten salmon…..


That was either one very brave, or very stupid Gull that thought it might move in for a share of the meal….


hope you’ve enjoyed this sampling of Bald Eagle pictures, all taken at the Chehalis Estuary in Harrison Mills, B.C.  By the way, I must say I do love the cropping tool in my Windows live Writer!

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