Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bald Eagle Country – Winter continues……

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter in these here parts!

Sunday morning we headed over to Chilliwack to put the grandchildren’s Christmas Gifts on the bus.  Snow was in the forecast and the first few flakes were falling as we left home.  Two police cruisers and an ambulance roaring past us enroute also explained why our power had just gone out – again!


Going through Agassiz we noticed a few swans in this corn field….


along with the swans were hundreds and hundreds of Mallards….unfortunately difficult to get a picture of…those dark specks are some of them.

Got to Chilliwack, put the parcel on the bus, and by then it was starting to snow seriously, so decided it was best to head for home.


Here is the same area as we headed home – the corn field is on the left hand side of this picture…a little ‘whiter’ than it had been!

As we got safely to within about a kilometre of our place, husband decided to head off up the forestry road that say’s ‘Closed, road deactivated, no phone service etc. etc.’  Thought he’d go see what Elbow Lake looked like.  Fortunately, Elbow Lake is only about 5 kilometres up the road….


So here we are, parked at the side of the forestry road, the only set of tire tracks in the snow….but at least he was now turned around and facing home.


Here are some views of this little lake which is nestled in the mountains up above where we live…..


the only problem with that is that if we ever experience the ‘big one’ like they keep talking about, this lake could well end up in our back yard!


One last look at Elbow Lake before heading for home – where the power was still off!


So after arriving home and turning on the propane fireplace to start warming the place up – we headed out for a walk.  Here is the scene over at the log bay in Eagle Point Park.


There were a few Gulls and ducks poking around in the snowstorm….


a few eagles on the far shore – barely visible


and one guy in quite close, working away on his frozen fish dinner.


There is a river and some mountains out there somewhere – this is what you would call ‘limited visibility’!


there were a few Killdeer running around…


and just before putting my camera away, spotted this Snipe poking about along the shoreline.

At this point headed for home and a hot cup of coffee.  Thank goodness for Propane stoves and fire places as the power remained off until after 8 pm, making it another 10 hour power outage – at least this one had a cause – a MVA that took out a power pole, although not sure why it took 10 hours to get everything up and working again!

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