Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009 - New rig's inaugural trip

Thursday, April 9th, we picked up our new camper and spent the next day, Good Friday, loading it. Much to my delight, I found that everything I had taken out of our travel trailer, fit in it with no problem, with room to spare. The fact that we didn't have steps for it yet (the RV dealer had been out of the right size steps), was a bit of a challenge and meant we had to take the step ladder along in order for us to get in and out, and the dogs had to be lifted in and out, but that will soon be remedied.

We left home at 8:30 am on Saturday, heading to Hope where we stopped and filled the tank with diesel. One of the goals of this trial trip was to get an idea of what sort of mileage we were going to be able to expect, as compared to what we had got with the other truck and trailer. I'm pleased to say that this set up gets far better mileage!

In Hope there was a light, misty rain falling as we headed up the Hope Princeton Highway (#3). The road, that early in the morning, was very quiet with very little traffic. There was noticeably less snow than there had been when we had driven this route a few weeks before, in fact, despite the fact that there were the odd snow flake drifting down as we neared the lodge, there were also many bare patches of ground showing and the area was alive with Robins and Junco - as sure sign that spring was here.

We had hoped that perhaps Mule Deer campsite might have been open, despite the fact that the B.C. Parks website said it was still closed - and the website was correct, so we continued on to Princeton and to Bromley Rock Campground, which according to the same website, was officially open - wrong! - it was open in that you could use it and two of the outhouses had been 'unboarded' and actually, while we were there the park people came and put tops back on the picnic tables and unboarded the second set of outhouses, but wouldn't put the handle on the pump for water 'as it wasn't officially open' - too bad I hadn't printed off the page from the website!

Not that water should have been a big issue, my husband had informed me that we had 2/3rds of a tank and he had put a spare water jug in the truck......turns out we had 1/3rd of a tank and he did put the jug in the truck, but it would have been nice if he'd put water in the jug....... oh well, the 1/3rd of tank made it.....

There were a number of other units already in the campsite when we pulled in. My husband was thrilled with the controller for the electric jacks. We were quickly set up and set about to go for a walk. The weather was rather varied, cloudy with some light rain, sleet and sunshine. As the afternoon progressed it became quite windy. During probably the worst wind/rain session, a couple came in and were setting up a tent - there are some people crazier than us!
Shantz has been RVing since she was 10 weeks old - do you think she was happy to be 'on the road again?!'

Compare this to the photo taken at the same spot a few weeks ago. In that photo there was still a lot of ice in this spot. All gone now.

Another view of the Similkamen River. You can see the tiny traces of snow left along the river bank. No doubt that would all be gone in another day or so.

I took this shot from just below our campsite, before we pulled out on the Sunday morning. While we were sitting by the river a couple came by in Kayaks, very small kayaks that seemed very tippy - the girl in particular kept tipping into the water and doing the 'kayak roll' - not something that appealed to me! but they were thrilled to be out on the river again.

And just to prove that our old Shih Tzu 'April' was along for the ride, she decided she needed a drink out of the river.
About 9:30 we were back on the road. Stopped at Stemwinder Campground, just down the road as it was also 'officially' open according to the website, but no, it was in the same state as Bromely Rock - no water there - although a number of people camped there, so onto Keremeous where we headed to the Sani-dump and finally, there, were able to fill up the water tank.

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