Friday, April 24, 2009

Heading to Alberta 2008 - Jasper Park - Day 2

We decided to spend a couple of days in Jasper Park. It had been many years since we had visited Athabaska Falls, so decided to take a day trip to the falls and also to a look out that we remembered was a spot where you could often see Mountain Goats. We were disappointed in the goats - none to be found - but had a nice visit to the Falls as these photos show.

I was impressed with how well the man made structures were incorporated into the landscape. Most noteably, these steps in the picture below.

The steps led to down to bottom of the falls and gave this view of the Athabaska River.

I found this clump of Calyspo Lilies blooming beside the parking lot.

There was a road heading off to the west from the main highway, so we decided to drive down it to see what we could see. There were several scenic lakes along the route.

Back on the main highway, what would a trip to Jasper be is you didn't see a Black Bear or two?
This photo was taken from the safety of the car.

On the way back to camp, we stopped for a walk on the Five Lakes Trail (I think that is the name of it). Years ago, we hiked the whole route, but this time I only went as far as the valley and waited there with April (the elderly shih tzu) while Ernie and Shantz went a little further.

There were masses of these Calypso Orchids growing along the trail. This is just a small sampling of them.

Here is another close up of the Calypso Orchids. These are an extremely abundant early wildflower throughout the Rocky Mountains and are actually found in areas throughout B.C.

And finally, the only bird seen that day....a Chipping Sparrow. The date was the 28th of May, 2008.

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