Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heading to Alberta - May 24, 2008

In reality, today is the 2nd day of April 2009 and for the second day the weather is wet and cold and miserable and each day has started off with snow - so what better time to go back to last year and re-enjoy the trip we took to Northern Alberta!

As with all of our trips, we are so eager to hit the road that as soon as my husband gets home and has his shower, we head out. We are lucky to live in an area where an hour or two of driving will get you to any number of campsites for a quick overnight stay. This time we chose to head up the Fraser Canyon and thought we would try Goldpan Campground which is right on the river.
We had stopped at this campsite a week or two before while on one of our drives and had been amazed at the number of Warblers and other bird activity. Pulled in about 7:30 pm after stopping at a near by truck stop restaurant for a burger. As these pictures show, this area is no longer wet coastal, but arid Pine trees and sagebrush. As far as I'm concerned, as soon as I can inhale that wonderful smell of sagebrush, I'm finally really 'on the road'.

The river was in full flood at this time of the year with lots of debris floating on it. Our site was beside an area with a sort of backwater inlet so the debris came in and circled around. Brewer's Blackbirds were busy walking all over this floating debris. We saw some Common Mergansers out on the river itself.
Spotted this Bullock's Oriole in amongst the sagebrush. Would have liked a better picture, but this was as good as I got.

We awoke the next morning to sunny skies. The below shot shows the campground and our traveling rig - at least the rig we had for all of last year. This year we'll be using an entirely different system.

I took this shot just to give another idea of the sort of vegetation, it is all nice and fresh and green at this time of the year (May 25, 2008). This area gets extremely hot in the summer time so the green must be enjoyed while it is there.

We are now off to our next destination - Juniper Beach Provincial Park.

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