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Heading to Alberta - May 29, 2008

May 29 was one of those 'traveling days'. We got away fairly early and were heading towards Hinton. As we were leaving the park we spotted these Elk and stopped to get a few pictures. A closer view of the Elk - taken from the car - thank goodness for telephoto lens!
Like I said, it was a traveling day, and once Ernie hits the road it is hard to get him to slow down or stop for scenery pictures - a condition that is going to be remedied this year! But back to last year....after a stop at Canadian Tire in Hinton for something that apparently was needed, we continued along highway 16 to Edson, then took a secondary road, #748 until it joined highway #32 (we never take 'highways' if there is a secondary road going the same place). Headed north on #32, through Whitecourt, the destination being Carson Pegasus Provincial Park. We knew nothing about this park, other than that it existed and we needed a spot to spend the night. It proved to be a fairly large and popular place, and annoyed me because it was one of those places where they tell you where you are going to camp, I like to at least get a chance to check the place out first, but no matter, it was only an 'over nighter'.

There was a nice trail that ran along the shores of the lake. This is a view of the lake from the trail just below our campsite, although there was a steep bank between the campsite and the trail.

I went for a walk and discovered these yellow flowers. Now I don't think there is anyone who has had a fish pond that hasn't, at one time or another, bought a pot of Marsh Marigolds from a garden center, to have at the edge of their pond. I know I have, and I had no idea, until that moment, that these are a native wildflower that we found growing where ever it was 'marshy' all over northern Alberta!

A closer view of the Marsh Marigolds.

A little further along I found this pair of Red Neck Grebes..........

They were busy nest building. I couldn't see where the actual nest was, but they were working very hard at it. We saw Red Neck Grebe on virtually every lake we stopped at. I have some nest pictures, a little later on.

A final picture of one of the Red Neck Grebes, one of my favorite birds to photograph as they are usually co-operative and if you can catch the sun just right on their 'red' neck, it makes for a great shot.

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